Your animals are important and valued family members. They are your furry kids, bestest buds Life’s companions, and confidants. They bring a quirky and amazing furried or feathered joy to your life. The bond is deep and real, and things are going GREAT. 
Until they’re not.
You begin to notice your beloved animal isn’t eating or going to the bathroom as they used to. They might seem to struggle to stand, or begin to limp, or aren’t as playful. They might not greet you at the door or at the fence as they once did. Or, you find a lump. 
You take them to the vet, or have a vet come to you, waiting with baited breath and racing heartbeat for a diagnosis. Your furry friend’s big eyes seem to be asking you while they’re being examined, “Why am I here? Did I do something wrong?”

Sickness or injury never comes at a good time. If you’re lucky enough to get a diagnosis, the vet may recommend tests, medications, new foods and treatments. But, even if the vet is thorough and loving in their expla…